Womens Circle Medicine Retreat Includes

Serene Setting

6 days/ 7 nights shared accommodation at a beautiful Ocean Forest Ecolodge located in the rainforest. Single rooms available upon request. 


Daily Meditation

Daily Sister Circles

Breath Ceremony

Yin & Hatha Yoga  

Sacred Sexuality & Tantra

Shamanic Cacao Dance Journey

Music and Mantra Circles

Journey Thru the Goddess Archetypes

Rewilding Nature Exploration

3 Plant Medicine Ceremonies


All meals are included and made FRESH at the lodge. There are no processed foods served from the kitchen.  All meals are homemade on the premise.  The kitchen will try to accommodate peoples dietary needs. Most meals are vegetarian however other options are also offered.  They make their own tahini and coconut milk made from local coconuts daily! 

Pure Nature

The Osa Peninsula is a rare place secluded from cars, street lights and cement. Walk barefoot all the time here and enjoy Pacha Mama's gifts. 

Balance the energetic body with a break from wifi and ample grounding opportunities. Also enjoy, oceangazing, wave diving, monkey watching and 

parrot chatting all on site.

Retreat Activities

Sister Circles

We will gather for circles daily during the retreat.  Our circle is the foundation of the healing container for the retreat. It is a time to reflect, hold space for others and share. Circles will happen in various locations, including around the fire on the beach. This powerful communal support helps build our courage and clarity. 


Lisa will be holding breathwork ceremonies and explorations to help us to reconnect with our bodies and breathe thru any trapped energies stuck within our being from our subconscious past. 

Plant Medicine

3 optional plant medicine ceremonies will be held during our time together. Ethnobotanist, Jonathon

3 optional plant medicine ceremonies will be held during our time together. Ethnobotanist, Jonathon Sparrow Miller Weisberger guides in the Secoya tribe lineage. The first two ceremonies are held before dawn and the second takes place through the night from 7 pm to dawn.

Choose the Medicine that is for you.

 All activities are optional and we encourage truly getting in touch with what medicine your unique body and soul is calling for.

We are all completely different, every backgrounds and story unique. Some need rest, some need movement, some need to heal trauma, some need to reconnect with others or simply be held in the loving arms of pacha mama. We have created a varied fluid schedule where you choose the medicine that's right for you. 

The Grandmother plant medicine, Yage, is a variation of Ayahuasca, it is a powerful spiritual experience like none other, it is deeply cleansing and balances the pH of the body.  However it is a purgative and not for everyone. There are three ceremonies available during our retreat.  The first two are called renewals and though a milder version of the full ceremony, they can offer great insight.  It is not permitted to participate in these ceremonies if you are on your moon or if your are on a veriety of pharmaceutical drugs including antidepressants.  Fees are $300 and to be paid in cash. 

Images of Osa & the Ecolodge

Here is a beautiful video of the surrounding area of Osa.
This oasis is far from light pollution, cars, wifi fog and processed foods.  What a great place to reboot! 

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