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This retreat is for women who want a true transformation of the spirit.  The location is in a very remote part of Costa Rica.  This is a departure from your life.  There is no A/C,  no espresso, in fact there are no markets,  streets or cars.  It is a remarkable opportunity to see who we are without our usual patterns and allow for new ways of being to arise. Once we have replied to your application, you may make a deposit below. 


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You can do it!  You can give this delicious gift to yourself.  Consider it health insurance for the next year.  Drop the stressors and reboot your body, your spirit and your life.  Take the leap to give yourself a life changing soul claiming retreat you will never regret. Put tired excuses on the shelf - and get what your souls desires. 

Space is limited to 20. 

Retreat Fee

Refund available before January 15th, 2019

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