Our Story

Lisa Li

Lisa Li:
Lisa Li is a Breathwork facilitator also trained in the Usui Reiki system, Qi flow massage, yoga teacher, spiritual explorer and believer in freedom and true health. After realising early on how she was not compatible to the current system, Lisa embarked on nearly a 10 year journey around the world studying different healing methods, ancient yogic practises and her own inner world. She is now bringing with her the exciting practise of Biodynamic Breath and leading many women's circles across the world. She wishes to share what she has learned with those who suffer unnecessarily in an attempt to help people get closer to their wholeness and happiness.

Jolyn & Lisa

Jolyn and Lisa met at this amazing place last year.
They knew they wanted to return and create a sacred time for women. They were moved by the spirit of the nature and her great call to heal. They are following that call by joining together to make space for women where they can approach healing from a place of support and connection to their own intuitive sources. 

Jolyn Hope

Jolyn Hope is a teacher of the wisdom of the body. Part movement geek and part dance healer, she shares insights about the body’s anatomical, structural and kinetic needs, while nurturing embodied awareness at every level. An expert in the field of wellness and movement education, she teaches dance, alignment, yoga, nutritious movement, rewilding, and integrative nutrition. She is a certified in Embodied Anatomy & Yoga, and Embodied Developmental Movement & Yoga from the School of Body Mind Centering. She holds a Masters in Fine Arts in Dance and is a certified Thai massage therapist. She is also the mother of Milo Jamil Connor (age 4), who is both her practice and her teacher.

Our purpose

Our Purpose

Is to create an opportunity to bring women back to nature, back to their bodies and back together through retreats and events that provide the correct environment for building clarity, confidence, and community.

Travel Inward

 We ask you to rediscover what nourishes you and what does not. This retreat is a time to listen and pause for healing.   When the body is properly respected, healing can begin. 

Yield to the Outdoors

 You will be supported by the most beautiful and immaculate rainforest and your own private beach that will take your breath away outstanding accomodations and incredible nourishing organic food.  

Our Medicine Man

Jonathon Sparrow Miller Weisberger

Jonathon’s passion, wisdom, and knowledge of ethnobotany, forest ecology, tropical nature, indigenous wisdom, deep ecology, and permaculture are inspiring as he seamlessly integrates his vision into the creation of Guaria de Osa with an auspicious team of family, staff, and friends. His zest for life is contagious and courageous. As an ethnobotanist and rainforest conservation advocate and guide, Jonathon has spent more than 25 years in the Ecuadorian Amazon among 5 distinct Indigenous communities. His book, Rainforest Medicine, Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon is an inspiration respecting the plant paradigm of the Amazon and her People. At Guaria de Osa, he will introduce you to the medicinal and useful plants growing in the Ethnobotanical Garden. Forest hikes with Jonathon are not to be missed!

More info about Ocean and Forest Ecolodge

The Ecolodge is in a very exciting process of changing their name and updating their website.  You may notice that the name Guaria de Osa shows up sometimes.If is their old name and it means orchid of the Osa. It truly is that but they found many did not know how to pronounce it! 


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